Most forms are considered, both metered and unmetered, traditional and experimental. Poems from 3 to 100 lines have the best chance of acceptance. You may submit up to three poems at a time, but you must complete a separate submission form for each poem.

You may attach exactly one (1) file containing your poem. If you would like to make multiple poetry submissions—up to three at a time—please complete the submission form separately for each poem. This minor inconvenience allows the poems to be assigned to multiple readers so we can get a response to you faster.

Several file formats are accepted, but Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and Plain Text (.txt) formats are preferred. Please follow William Shunn's Proper Manuscript Format.  Note that in Shunn's example there are four poems, however for Spark each poem must be submitted separately.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.